Who am I?

My name is Ian. I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am married (no kids) and we have a Staffy (called Xena) who is probably somewhere she's not supposed to be, right now. She may get a few off-topic posts on the blog. :)

Why do I do this?

I encountered my first computer in high-school. Ever since that time, I've been fascinated by them - specifically by coding. I guess coding pushes 2 buttons for me:

  • It's creative - when I'm coding I have a real sense that I'm making something in much the same way that an artist or a builder might.

  • This is way more esoteric, but developers have a wonderful delusion of control. Call it a "god complex", if you like. It might be scary if it was real, but of course, what we command our computers to, and what they actually do are typically somewhat different. I enjoy that battle.

What may be in this blog for you?

Many people have an idea for an App, but perhaps don't know how to go about building it, let alone publishing and commercialising it. If I stay the course, I hope my learnings will benefit others.

From a selfish perspective, I intend to use this blog to keep myself focussed and on track to achieving my 2019 goal.