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Back and Grumpy

So, yup, been a coupla weeks since I've posted an update. There's been a few reasons. But excuses are lame, so moving on.

The good news is that I finally made some progress on my assets - see post header.

I've picked this project back up again, and there's plenty of reasons to be grumpy. What I'm currently trying to do is to move my WinForms prototype into a UWP version. If you've been following on, you'll know that I made some class libraries in anticipation of this move.

So, RANT ON, I hardly know where to start. There are so many gratuitous, pointless and breaking changes I have encountered, that have cost me so much time. It astonishes me why Microsoft fucks with its customers like this. So, two examples, to illustrate what the muppets do when they're bored ...

Once upon a time, "Point" was System.Drawing.Point. This was a fine class that encapsulated the concept of an X & Y co-ordinate as integers. For a project like mine, which is based on a 12 x 12 grid, "Point" was a very useful class. So, when I moved to the UWP version, imagine my negative excitement when I discovered that "Windows.Foundation" was my new "Point" implementation, but that it had chosen to implement based on "real" numbers. You can't index anything with reals, so this was totally breaking.

The other gratuitous change related to Media Player. My prototype used a version of Media Player. The UWP version needed an upgrade, but its essentially the same underlying tech. But, is it?

Configuring a Media Player to play background music is actually quite hard, and poorly documented. It took me a while to get the WinForms prototype working acceptably. When I started to port this over to the new UWP version, it crashed and burned very inelegantly for a while. The reason it kept crashing is that some muppet (again) had decided to change the "Volume" property from being 1 .. 10 to being 0 .. 1. This is not documented anywhere, and the crash you get when you try to set Volume > 1 is gobblydegook of the highest order.

So, big picture, I'm actually enjoying restarting work on this App. But it has been stupidly hard, due to what I see as unnecessary / unhelpful "enhancements" in the technology. But, there's no point crying over this, I just need to suck it up and get published before the muppets fuck me over again. And they will.

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