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The Gem Smash prototype is done

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

The build is complete. The UI has had a small polish (I'm aiming for minimal). I have sound effects for most game actions. I'm seriously pleased about how it looks.

Unfortunately, for today, all I can show is an updated static image.

But, I have come across some video capture software for Windows. If I can get it set up tomorrow, I'll post some actual game-play footage, and then MAYBE I'll start doing some promotion.

And then it will be February, and I'll start to craft my own gem Assets, which (see below) is about all I need to be able to publish commercially.

Up front, I promised to share learnings as I worked through this project. To date, there haven't been a whole lot as I've been focusing on the code (which is my strength). However, I'm happy to share ...

  • Pixabay - as far as I can tell, their Assets are usable for commercial applications. I currently use one of their backgrounds in game.

  • Soundimage.org - this is a large (2500+ item ) image of music, effects and some textures. I'm currently using some of their music & effects. These are free to use "with attribution".

I also have to say, I'm not totally loving Wix as a blog host. It looks good, and is easy to use, but there's no index, no tag cloud. What I'm aiming for with this blog is to take people on a journey, but I don't feel that what Wix offers is really supporting this.

But the focus has to be get the game done and published, I can switch blog hosts later, if the game makes me some coin!

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