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February - Welcome to Asset month

Month 2 of 12. In my rough plan, February has been designated Asset month - the month in which I need to get my game assets sorted out. As a non-artist, this is one of the biggest challenges in this project.

So what do I need? Back in January, I thought all I needed was to replace the unlicensed gem art that the prototype uses. This was wrong.

Since I had a couple of spare days at the end of Jan, I started to put together an UWP version of the UI. (Regular readers may recall that UWP is the technology I'm targeting for the final version). UWP has much better graphics capabilities (via the Win2D library) than the WinForms technology that the prototype uses.

As I was doing this, I realised that I'm missing a LOT more art than I thought. The art that I currently know I'm missing included:

  • splash (loading) screen - particularly challenging as it's basically a big drawing

  • gem art

  • animation for gem swapping

  • animation for invalid gem swap

  • animation for a basic swap

  • animation for activating each of the special gems (5)

  • animation for game score

  • an animation on the grid showing the score for each move

  • an animation on the grid to show the "cascade" level

  • a better title for the game (I think the version that heads this post isn't it either! :))

  • plus art for the "About", "End Game", "Settings" etc. pages.

  • plus several pieces of art for the Microsoft Store

and so on! February is suddenly looking short.

There is another little (!?) issue lurking here. How can I test the animations? I can't use the prototype, because it's the wrong tech. I can't use the final version, because it doesn't exist. Even if it did exist, some of the animations are for relatively rare events. So, do I need to whip up an App to test animation? I'll ponder that.

Fortunately I'm reasonably comfortable with the music / effects which I found during the prototype.

I'll say more about how I intend to generate this art in an upcoming post.

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