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Jan 15 2019 - What this site is about

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

Every year I set myself a challenge. My challenge for 2019 is to create an App and get it published and hopefully make a little money from it.

My background is in IT, but not Apps. For 30+ years, I worked on corporate systems for the big end of town. I've been retired for 2 years now and this is the 3rd challenge I've set myself - I'm 1 and 1 (success in 2017 and failure in 2018), so super keen to get back into positive territory this year!

I'll talk more about the App in upcoming posts and showcase it as it evolves. There won't be any code in this blog - my code is my own - but I will talk about the issues that I come across along the way , and how I deal with them.

Apart from the code, I'll need to get to grips with some new (to me) technology, but also the whole process of publishing an App commercially, hopefully on several platforms. I believe and hope my experience may benefit others.

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