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One of the main inspirations for this project

In my last post I flagged that I wanted to talk about the motivation for the prototype I'm working on. I've changed my mind! Instead I've decided to add more background about why I decided to take this on, and particularly why I'm going about it in the specific way I am.

The video below is one I found late in 2018 and which really helped me crystallise my thoughts. It's one of several excellent videos from Game Developers Conference (GDC) Vault.

I took several strong learnings from this talk...

"Start Small (@7:55)" influenced the choice of the game I'm going to build. Although (SPOILER ALERT) my game will be a "Match-4", not a "Match-3"!! The rationale of starting with a relatively simple game in order to learn the "everything else" of the business made sense to me.

The presenter (Grey Alien Games' Jake Birkett) has kept copious stats (example @43:38) on costs, revenue, time etc. While I'm not going as far down this road, I will be tracking some key metrics (for the record, Google Analytics is active on this site).

The third learning I'll call out is (paraphrasing) "Stick to your strengths" (@25:56). While I think my game would be very well-suited to tablet or mobile platforms, I have zero expertise with these. I also don't have a house full of devices for testing. So, while I wouldn't rule out a 2020 project to do a port, it's not part of the current success criteria (which is something else I probably need to post about).

PS In case you haven't noticed, I plan to post at least every day until this puppy is alive. Enjoy the ride.

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