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Prototype has had a UI makeover

I just couldn't live with my dodgy graphics any more. The screenshots in some previous posts have made me cringe!

So I took some time to add a little polish - even though it's still just a prototype. See what you think ...

Revised UI for Gem Smash
v2.0 of the Gem Smash UI

I hope people prefer it to the previous version!

There's more to be done - the title is still flat and the buttons are a bit drab - but I think the background comes up well. My wife commented that the gems looked better - they haven't changed, but perhaps the background helps them standout more.

As a bonus, the only things that I don't have a license to publish are now the gems. Once I replace / license them, It's all under my control.

Reverting to the Game Design issue of a couple of days ago. I've switched 2 of the special. A six gem match now creates a special that clears a row and a column; the white gem which removes a color now requires a seven gem match.

The game plays much better, but is still too easy, and still will need a balance pass. But, then, I always knew it would.

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