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Real quick Saturday update

A bunch of small, but important things got done today.

I need to check if it's already taken, but I'm liking "Gem Crush" as the name for my App. It's a lot punchier that what I currently have!

When I sketched out the special gems / powerups for this game, I catered for matching up to 9 gems. I've seen matches of 8 a few times in my testing, but I was starting to wonder if 9 was even possible. I'd opened an issue to look into it. But, today one popped up. So, they'll be super rare - which is fine because they're super powerful. I'm hoping folks will want to chase them down :).

I've been testing / debugging the special gems. This is currently quite tedious as I need to play through the game to create them. Taking a learning from that, I'm going to build a level loader (and possibly an editor) so I can go straight to a particular scenario. This will greatly speed up testing, but will also be reused as the game's introduction tutorial.

To facilitate this, I've added support for smaller grids than the 12x12 I've shown before. This is too big for a tutorial. So I can now do this ...

… which is a much better tutorial size. But, also, if you look real close, there's a teaser for one of the special gems.

Finally, I know my art sucks. I've decided to dedicate all of February to it (if necessary). I can't do any promotion until I address this.

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