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Testing + Should I do a web version?

Today was mainly a testing day. Not much to report. I don't follow TDD - I code and then test afterwards. The good news from today is that I didn't find too many nasties.

Which raised an interesting question - am I "alpha ready"?

In theory, if Wix let's me, I could add a page to this site that hosts my game. It would be a savagely gimped version without many of the features I already have, or want to put into the desktop version - sound is a biggie. But, any playable version would be more engaging than the screenshots I've been posting to date. And maybe I'd be able to start doing some promotion on the back of it.

On balance, I don't think I'm quite there. And since my web development skills aren't great, I'm aware of the risk of being distracted. So, I've decided to spend the remainder of January (6 days!) on the code, then switch to getting my Assets under control in Feb.

I can always do a web version after I've hit my goals.

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